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Operating Above The Line

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The Old Story always holds you back.

Above The Line represents patterns of thought, decisions, and interactions that expand possibilities and fuel success.

Below The Line are patterns that go into shadow, creating negative filters and obstacles that drain energy.

Your ‘old story‘, no matter what it is, keeps you in the past. It doesn’t matter if it was wonderful or awful, it represents yesterday. While your ‘new vision‘ is what lies ahead. It is your destiny and defines how you’ll evolve.

The only way I have ever seen anyone who is stuck in their ‘old story’ move beyond it is to find the life lesson hidden inside that experience. Once you understand what it is that you are to learn, you can use it to find value in that event. The wisdom then helps you achieve your new vision.

This is true for each of us. It is also true for individuals, teams and organizations. However, it requires a ‘new vision’ that is so compelling that you’re willing to do the work required to achieve success.

This is the process that we bring to every client. We help you understand your ‘old story’, how it’s holding you back and how the wisdom in it can motivate you to achieve your ‘new vision’.

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