The Line: Where to draw it. How to Stay above it

This program is based on The Line, Ms. Stoker's newest book. The Line creates a structured, yet flexible, thinking environment that improves decisions, risk taking, and teamwork.

When we think above The Line teamwork trumps personal agendas. Inspiration replaces drama. We value creativity over bureaucracy. We trust our instincts.  Rather than judgmental we are open minded. Problems present opportunities. Conflict revolves around problems not people. We trust the intentions of others.

Barbara Stoker's powerful keynote shares this elegantly simple tool in a way that immediately resonates with audiences.

Ms. Stoker often starts out her presentation by asking a critical and thought provoking question:

Do you set yourself up for success?
Do you set yourself up not to fail?

When operating from an above The Line perspective, your energy aligns with your purpose on both a conscious and sub-conscious basis. This delivers congruency and authenticity, which allows you to be more confident in choosing a direction that enhances individual, team and organizational success.

In this presentation patterns of thought, behaviors and interactions that are above The LINE are clearly identified. They are the ones that generate fresh thinking, new energy, and viability. When thinking drops below The Line, it revolves around fears, weakness, and problems - a negative filter that casts a shadow over everyone and everything, draining energy away from success.

Using this process creates momentum providing the energy to pursue our goals and find success in every aspect of our lives.

Barbara injects quick, effective, interactive exercises into her keynote, ensuring that everyone experiences the power of shifting his or her thoughts above The Line. Her message is reinforced with the perfect stories and videos.

By the end of Barbara's presentation the audience has a new level of awareness, along with the inspiration and information required to operate above The Line. Barbara closes with a challenge asking every person to commit to keeping his or her thoughts above The Line.

Learn more about The Line Philosophy and Barbara's newest book, The Line.
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Conflict Resolution above The Line

This program teaches individuals how to use above The Line thinking to create conflict resolution. Barbara begins the program by asking: Is it is more important to be effective or right?.

Using above The Line Philosophy she shares that the genesis for most conflict is our desire to be right, and the only way any of us can be 'right' is if we make someone else 'wrong.'

Staying above The Line in conflict requires that we remaining genuinely open, curious, and respectful. Understanding how people drop below The Line into their 'old story' is also crucial because that is how we keep them engaged in the conversation. Staying above The Line transforms awkward, negative conflict into productive, problem solving dialogue, a skill available to all of us.

Ms. Stoker introduces Conflict Management skills to help individuals increase their awareness around how conflict begins and how it escalates. The audience will explore their own conflict style plus learn the difference between being in conflict and mediating conflict. They also look at the concepts like the 'fundamental attribution error'; and 'retaliation cycles'.

Since most people are quite clear about the role 'others' play in the conflict, Ms. Stoker challenges them to look at their own role. Even though they may not have actively engaged in the conflict did it escalate because they were passive? avoiding? not setting clear boundaries?

Behaviors around conflict that are above The Line include: Adapting, Reaching Out, Creating Solutions, Perspective Taking,  and Delay Responding.

Behaviors below The Line include: Displaying Anger, Demeaning Others, Retaliating, Avoiding, and Winning-at-all-costs.

At the end of Barbara's dynamic, interactive program every person will walk out the door with the above The Line awareness and skills required to resolve old conflicts, minimize new ones and avoid future conflict. Contact us to book Barbara for your next event.


Great leaders understand that no mountains can be climbed without taking risks. Many of us go to great lengths to avoid risk, yet in reality, it is through taking intelligent risk that we grow, learn, and achieve our goals. Barbara introduces positive risk taking, a perspective, an attitude, and a life philosophy that creates a shift away from the negative view of risk. The challenge is in choosing the right risk to take.

The real question isn't Will I risk?  The better question to ask is, Which risk will I take? This presentation changes perceptions regarding risk allowing the audience to better understand that not taking a risk… is a risk. Intelligent risk taking helps individuals and teams determine which risk to take, when to take it, how to be smart about it.

By taking well-thought-out chance, we make a difference in our own lives and those of others. By adopting a positive risk perspective, you will begin to see new possibilities in yourself and the world around you.

In this interactive presentation the audience will step beyond theory and look at a challenge they are facing in their own life, their own mountain. From that perspective they will explore the Four IntelligentRisking Strategies:
I. Choose Your Mountain
II. Plan Your Route
III. Build Your Courage
IV. Climb Strong!

This presentation blends inspiration with knowledge creating a shift in perspective as participants use emotional intelligence to explore key concepts like; 'Invisible Risks', 'The Courage Ratio', and 'The Monster Within' to the goals and challenges they are currently facing.

Author and lifelong risk taker, Barbara Stoker was a high-profile executive at several Fortune 500 corporations, is an avid paragliding pilot and ice climber. While most of us will never face the thrill, or terror, Barbara experiences when navigating an overhang at two hundred feet, she quickly points out that all risks are subjective. What's important is that we take intelligent risks that will ultimately lead to our success.

At the end of every program each attendee will make a commitment to their 'climbing partner' regarding the next step they will take within the following week to advance on their mountain. This creates accountability and an extremely effective learning environment, one that lasts far beyond the conference.

Positive Risks: IntelligentRisking for Women

Ironically, women are natural born leaders, who do not risk up to their potential. Barbara Stoker's compelling program is designed to help women understand the difference between 'setting themselves up for success' versus 'setting themselves up not to fail'. This presentation customizes all the key elements from the Intelligent Risk Taking Program around the unique challenges women face.

Barbara Stoker weaves her fascinating professional and personal stories into those of other dynamic women. These inspirational and informative stories provide women with the proven strategies, techniques, and tools for taking the intelligent risks necessary for growth and success.

This program explores Stoker's four basic strategies and 12 critical questions that every woman should ask before taking a risk. Intelligent risk taking with a positive risk perspective offers a down-to-earth guide for becoming an effective risk taker, a leader.

Barbara's authentic style encourages women to build their confidence so that they are able to keep an open mind, simplify risk, trust their intuition, stay curious, and find the wisdom in every situation.

Participants interact with a 'climbing partner' on key messages by applying them to a 'mountain' they are currently facing in their own life. Ms. Stoker helps women understand the 'disconnect' between their natural ability to lead and the tendency to play it too safe.

During this inspiring, thought provoking presentation women will discover practical ways to create their own opportunities, tap into their passion, and push through their fears.

This program is based on Barbara's leadership book Positive Risk.

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A Woman with a Minute...

A fun, lighthearted, and engaging program that captures the maze of complex thinking and associations that women make on a daily basis without ever realizing that they are truly amazing.

Imagine a blend of beautiful visuals, personal stories and audience interaction along with specific skills you can implement immediately. Now you understand how Barbara creates memorable events.

This fun, lively presentation truly captures the essence of life for today's woman. It is based on Stoker's best selling, illustrated gift book, A Woman with a Minute... If you have ever asked yourself, 'How does everyone else do it all?'; (and what woman doesn't 20 times a day) then you understand why Barbara just had to write this book.

Barbara blends a charming story with powerful life messages for women that include: ‘perfect is boring'. She has a unique way of allowing her audiences to see the humor in the craziness of their lives while encouraging them to focus on their talents, recognize their accomplishments, and value their uniqueness.

This program resonates with all women because every one of us has had nights when we go to bed focused on the 5 things we didn't get done, versus basking in the glory of our 95 accomplishments.

Barbara helps women ‘get it' - if we underestimate our own strengths, abilities, and talents we are overestimating the difficulty of life and our ability to cope.

Barbara Stoker is one of the foremost thinkers on women and risk. As a corporate executive for Hallmark, Mattel, Coors and Walt Disney, starting her own company, and being the mother of 3 sons, she understands the demands and rewards of a multi-dimensional life.

This program is a direct reflection of Barbara's honest, fun loving, and inclusive style. Barbara's unique, authentic delivery will touch every participant's heart, funny bone, and mind.

By the end of this program every person attending will have the desire and the tools to embrace themselves as a unique, accomplished woman, one who make a significant difference in this world.

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