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  • "Management is doing things right;leadership is doing the right things."
    Peter Drucker

Our consulting firm focuses on conflict mediation, succession planning, and executive coaching. The foundation of our firm’s work is Ms. Stoker’s newest book The Line – Where to draw it. How to stay above it.

The Line is a proprietary, strategic thinking system that blends an elegantly simple process with a compelling philosophy. Above The Line thinking focuses us on success versus failure. Intentions are clear. Being effective is more important than being right. Teamwork trumps personal agendas. Curiosity replaces frustration. Rather than be paralyzed with fear, we embrace change. Conflict is healthy. Trust is the norm.

This process aligns our clients with their vision to generate the momentum required to reach their goals. Operating above The Line provides a framework for enhanced innovation, inspired problem solving, and intelligent risk taking.

Above the Line