"Barbara Stoker and The Line made an immediate and significant impact on our business. She has a way of resonating with everyone, even when delivering difficult messages. I've worked with many other authors, presenters, and consultants but Barbara is the one that stands apart. The Line had an incredibly positive impact on my organization."

Vickie French, Director Denver Health

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Client Quotes

Merril Lynch “Your IntelligentRisking program was a breath of fresh air. The inspiration you provided was exactly the right balance to the days of information our team had received. You gave us the perfect ending by challenging each of us to Climb Strong!.” Jodi Rollins, V.P.

Voice Stream Wireless Communication “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You: for sharing your inspiring stories with us, for encouraging our sales force to push their limits, and most of all, for making me look like a star.” d’Alene Meardon, Manager, PCS East

Iowa Soybean Association “You not only made me look like a hero but your program also had a significant financial impact for our association. Just last week our Indiana group came through with the funding we needed for next year. They specifically attributed their decision to your program.” Kirk Leeds, Executive Director

Ford Motor Company “You gave a group of employees, who recently heard job security was diminishing, a mountain to climb. You could hear a pin drop in the room during your presentation as everyone was on the edge of their seat. You’re timing and humor was excellent.” Tom Brewer, Regional Manager

National Apartment Association “The session evaluations do not lie—our attendees loved your presentation! 97.6% - Excellent! We hope you’ll come back next year.” Sally Scott, Assistant Director of Education U S Steel “IntelligentRisking is an excellent piece of documentation as a learning curve to enhance one’s risk management.” H. L. Willis, Area Manager

Women’s Success Forum “You are an extraordinary asset for us. You continue to inspire and delight our audiences around the country. You have received the highest workshop scores of any of our speakers with a 4.9 out of 5. This score should be almost unattainable… for all but you.” Cindy Solomon, President and Founder

CoBank “I have been involved in many leadership and team-building activities in my 35-year career and your Cardboard/Duct Tape Boat Race resulted in an extraordinary degree of success. It allowed our people to exercise risk taking, collaboration, resource utilization, trust and vision.” Douglas D. Sims, C.E.O.

Houston Apartment Association “The evaluations of your program were among the highest we have ever received for any speaker or program in our association’s history. The enthusiasm and excitement that came across in comments from the attendees was unlike anything I have ever seen.” Jeff Hall, Vice President & General Manager

Regal Hotels International “Any time you have a room full of skeptical, analytical, conservative, risk-averse executives and see them open up and discuss opportunities, fresh approaches, new perspectives and potential… You have SUCCESS! Barbara, thank you.” Leslie, Carlson, Vice President

Lexmark International “You deeply touched many people and made them stop and look at their own lives in terms of intelligent risk taking. The evaluations for your program were the highest we have ever received.” Gary Millsap

Glenborough Realty Trust Incorporated, “When you walked in the door and started speaking the whole room changed: people paid attention, they listened to what you had to say and they were rather suddenly able to verbalize their views on sensitive subjects. I consider this to be an extraordinary talent.” Skip Corsini, Director, Corporate Services

TCI “Barbara is fantastic! Very dynamic and a joy to listen to - very inspirational!” Patti Dolberg, Project Administrator

Xerox “This program and your concepts on risk taking were Great!” George Dozier, Organizational Development

Jupiter Western National Property Management “The ratings you received for your presentation were the highest of our conference and rightly so. You did an outstanding job of involving everyone in your program including our C.E.O. Great Job!” Bob Couch, Vice President

Sun Microsystems “You did an amazing job connecting IntelligentRisking with Sun’s business culture. I feel particularly privileged, Barbara, to have had the opportunity to work with you.” Mary Beseda, Program Manager U S West “IntelligentRisking is right on for individuals undergoing rapid or significant change.” David Dawson, Marketing Director

Proctor and Gamble “Barbara, you took a difficult concept and made it easy to understand.” Mark Ziegert, Director

United States Dept. of Interior “Your enthusiasm and ability to captivate an audience was great. Your suggestions were not only worth listening to, but worth taking to heart and using to make changes in our lives." Joseph Alston, Superintendent, National Park Services

ComputerWorld “Barbara it was amazing how you had the entire audience spellbound and eating out of the palm of your hand. Your program was sensational.“ John Corrigan, VP