Barbara Stoker

Barbara Stoker is the founder and president of IntelligentRisking, Inc., a consulting firm that for over 20 years has focused on conflict resolution, leadership, strategic thinking and intelligent risk taking.

Stoker is an award winning author. She is currently writing a new book, The Line – Where to draw it. How to stay above it. She’s also the author of Positive RiskA Woman with a Minute...and IntelligentRisking for Women.

Her accomplishments as an executive in these innovative Fortune 500 companies include: licensing several Walt Disney movies, launching Hallmark Card’s Gift Business, developing the collectable Porcelain Barbie Doll for Mattel Toys, and selling a ‘can’t be sold’ product for Coors with an opening order of one million dollars.

Years of experience as a leader in both corporate and private enterprise has provided Stoker with a solid and diverse foundation that includes: mediation, succession planning, negotiation, strategic planning, licensing, engineering, new product development, business development, sales, marketing, customer service, and merchandising.

Operating above The Line allows Stoker to effectively identify with her clients unique challenges, create an environment of trust, and successfully mediate difficult situations. She skillfully guides conflicting parties, helping them let go of their ‘old stories’, find their wisdom, and move forward together embracing a new vision.

Stoker’s success on the lecture circuit is based on her dynamic, interactive style that encourages individuals to shift their perspective to one that is above The Line. Stoker provides both the information and inspiration for choosing the right mountains, rediscovering courage, thinking strategically and resolving conflict.

Trained in Appreciative Inquiry, Stoker uses a strategic process that focuses on valuing the best in people, building on past successes, and creating a future based on strengths. Stoker is certified in the Conflict Dynamic Process and its 360 Conflict Profiler. Her degree is in Industrial Design for the University of Illinois. However, her credentials go far beyond her professional experience. Her personal adventures include being an avid technical rock and ice climber as well as a paragliding pilot.

Stoker was selected by the Rocky Mountain News as ‘50 & Fabulous’ based on the nomination of her three sons. She has been a wish grantor for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for more than twenty years.

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